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FBA head transport
Provides door-to-door service for almost all Amazon FBA warehouses. For FBA warehouses throughout the United States, Europe, Japan and Canada, we offer exclusive development routes to Amazon sellers, with economical, fast service options for customers. FCL and LCL are our strengths, and we can customize personalized services according to the needs of our customers. Specialized clients will follow up and deal with them specially. We will not mix boxes and ensure the speed of customs clearance. In addition, we partnered with Amazon's designated trailers to ensure the most cost-effective delivery service. We provide shipping, air freight, express delivery directly to FBA positions.

Operation flow
Airlift FBA (Airlift)
Overtime flights are scheduled for more than 100 classes per week. Orders will be closed at 12:00 noon Monday-Saturday and will be closed at 6:00 pm on the same day. From the cut-off date, it will take about a week to arrive at the Amazon warehouse in the United Kingdom. The overtime airspace will provide timely feedback and assist in handling the problem.
If the volume reaches 500kg or more, the airtime can be arranged separately.

Ocean FBA (ocean shipping)
The overtime fixed schedule is two shifts per week. The interception is carried out at 18:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. After the inspection, the containers are loaded. After the opening of the ship, the British port can be reached in about 25 days, and the Amazon can be reached in about 2-4 days. warehouse.
Overtime can also be arranged according to the customer's request bulk or counter-shipping schedule to five European countries, the United States, Canada and Japan FBA.

Overtime FBA shipping range
The United States FBA positions, the United States is the most prosperous market for cross-border e-commerce development, e-commerce logistics development is flourishing.
British FBA positions can be transferred from the UK to all European overseas warehouses, and can also be sent to various European overseas warehouses.
The German FBA position and the German position delivery are another special service developed by our company after the delivery of the British FBA position. Our advantage is direct access to the German FBA position.
French FBA positions, at present, domestic e-commerce freight companies rarely provide direct FBA positions in France, and our company can stand out from their peers and provide direct access to French FBA positions.
Japan FBA positions, Amazon in 2015 to promote the Japanese market, there are more sellers into Japan. Japan overseas warehouse shipping delivery.
Canada FBA positions, Canada's overseas warehousing was generally accepted by e-commerce customers in 2015.
Spain FBA position, overtime is the only freight forwarding company in Shenzhen freight forwarding market that can provide direct haircut to Amazon in Spain. We have a complete and powerful logistics network and can directly clear customs in Spain.
Italy FBA warehouse, overtime is the Shenzhen freight forwarding market can only provide direct access to Italian FBA freight forwarding company, Italy air cargo does not need to go through a third-party country transit.
Mexico's FBA position, Mexico is the new opening of the Amazon market, is one of the early overtime airlines to handle the traditional logistics of skilled market, the current overseas warehouse market in Mexico is not very mature.

Tariff standard
Air and sea freight, courier fees, customs clearance and tax fees, preferential prices please consult salesman!

Air Maritime Tax Calculation Method:
Taxes = Customs + VAT
Tariff = declared value * tariff rate
VAT = (declared value + shipping + tariff) * 20%

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