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China-Hong Kong Import and Export of Goods and TNT, FEDEX Foreign Import Business
Cargo security:
1. Confirmation of identity. In order to protect the interests of both parties, before the customer delivers the goods to our company, they can go to our company for field trips and can also be verified through the network or third-party certification.
2. Contract protection. After the two parties agree to cooperate, they must sign a contract for the import and export of goods. The terms of the contract shall be clarified by the parties, and the parties shall sign and seal. (This operation can be completed by both parties' scanning and fax transmission, saving you valuable time. );
3. Legal protection. Import and export of express mail is an import and export method permitted by state policy. Under normal circumstances, there is no risk that the goods will be confiscated or seized by the customs.

Important reminder:
1. Not all cargoes can be imported or exported through express mail, import and export, or general trade. We will not transport any goods that are listed by the country as prohibited from import and export.
2. The packaging of the goods must meet the transportation requirements. For the fragile goods, liquids, instruments and meters, machinery and equipment, furniture, home appliances, electronic equipment and other articles, the external packaging requires reinforcement measures (such as playing wooden frames, wooden boxes, etc.), and internal packaging. Earthquake and pressure-proof fillers (such as sponges, foams, etc.), and the outer packaging of goods must be marked with fragile signs and directional arrows;
3. Customs inspection is an indispensable part of the process of customs clearance of goods. During product inspection, product packaging will be opened, and even samples will be taken. If you cannot open the package, please declare in advance;
4. The state requires that the inspection rate of express mail import and export clearance be within 10%, and the clearance time of individual goods during inspection will be extended by 3-5 working days. Please understand this.
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