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Talent idea
1, there is no talent, limit recruitment.
2. Development depends on talent support, and performance depends on the creation of talents.
3. Staff training is the strategic investment with the lowest risk and the highest income.
4, no virtue, no talent, resolutely not.
5. Mechanisms motivate people, culture shape people, affectionate people, and cause people to unite.
6. Choose people with a fair heart and treat people with moral principles.
7, it is better to use small materials than large ones.
8, virtuous without talent, training appointment.
9, efficiency depends on quality, quality depends on technology, technology depends on talent, talent depends on education.
10, Respect talents sincerely, service talents wholeheartedly; cultivate talents with one mind, use talents sincerely.
11, management is a strict love, training is the greatest benefit.
12. If you do not work, you are unemployed; if you don't like to work, you are laid off.
13, science and technology are primary productive forces, talent is the first resource.
14, the market is like water, the company is like a boat, the quality is like a rudder, and people are the helmsman.
15. People must be recruited by post.
16, All staff training, simultaneous improvement, innovation and progress.
17, only is used, reused only by virtue.
18. If you do not transfer the system, you will change jobs.
19, talented and talented, badly reused.
20. Manage talents as assets.
21. Make good use of existing talents, stabilize key talents, attract urgently needed talents, and reserve talents for the future.
22. Training should be paid. No training will pay more.
23, people-oriented, morality first, for their own work, cheering for the success of others.
24. People-oriented is the core of the organization.
25, money is only attractive, the business can have cohesion.
26. The length of employing people is short.
27. It is dereliction of duty not to recognize talents. It is misconduct to waste talents.
28. A company needs to develop quickly to employ good people, especially talented people.
29, reactive power is over and mediocrity is wrong.
30. There are talents on the posts and elites in performance.
31. The election should be positive, and people should be employed; educating people must be diligent and management must be strict.
32. Employees have no performance, and they do not exert their advantages. This is a waste of human resources.
33. Enterprises are people: people are also people, people are losing.
34. Only talent is the virtue of life and love, the ability of knowledge, and the length of talent.
35. Talent is the most profitable product. Enterprises that can manage talents are the ultimate big winners.
36. The waste of human resources is the biggest waste of the company.
37. Respect people's virtues, value people's wisdom; recognize the value of people, cherish the feelings of people; maintain human dignity and improve the quality of people.
38, Sage, who can be, who under the legislation, the wise side, mediocre withdrawal.
39. Everyone is a talented person. Horse racing is not a horse.
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