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About Us

Head Tel:
0755 - 83011848
Airport Branch Tel:
0755 - 27519095
Longgang Branch Tel:
0755 - 84739480
Our Legend
We are a team full of vigor and vitality, with lofty ideals and grand goals. Our time-spaced people will hold high the banner of "splashing to the world and love," and fight for the cause of overtime. On behalf of all members of the time and space, I wish you always have the flowers of wealth, the evergreen tree of business!

CHAOSHIKONG - the vanguard of China's foreign trade; CHAOSHIKONG - China's foreign trade of all trades; CHAOSHIKONG - the new era of Huo Leifeng; overtime - hepatobiliary Xiangguan Guan Gong!
Choosing CHAOSHIKONG - Work more easily; Trust overtime - Everything is in your hands; Join overtime - Round your dream of wealth; Follow the overtime - Happy in success!

What is Chaoshikong?
The old gardener wants to say to you
A grassroots story
The life of a people
Hit from the note to start
I have a solemn commitment to myself
Not inflamed and attached to potential
Do not flow with the waves
I want to sing my own song
After growing up
Know that reality and dreams are much different
The road to entrepreneurship
Swirl in life
Almost Unable to Find Self
Thirty and Standing Peak circuit turn
I've promised to you under the skyscraper.
I know the overtime is the song I want to sing
Hard to explore
Also worked hard
Until finally understand
What is distorted by honor?
Not to mention too much
Only the edge can compose the team's hymn
Dedication alone is the greatest happiness in this life
What is the time-out space
The old gardener wants to say to you
A dream country
A flourishing legend
Overtime is the song you and I most want to sing
Head Add:Room B3213,Building B,Longhua Apartment,Security area,No.9,Minqing Road,Longhua new district,Shenzhen
Airport branch Add:First floor north,A3 Building,District B3,Fuhai Industrial Park,Fuyong Street,Bao'an District, Shenzhen
Longgang Branch Add:Room 102,First floor,Deqinchuang Building,No.28,Bulong Road,Buji Town,Shenzhen
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